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Hi. I'm Paul Emil. I am an author and storyteller. ​I describe myself as part-Dr. Seuss/part-Stephen King. I write for children, like in my Carrots the Rabbit books, and I write horror for adults, like The Spook Series. I also write and illustrate books for older kids that are a little of both.


My dream is to build up my fan base and communicate with my readers. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me. I would be thrilled to hear from you.

The Spook Series

A fellow author, knowing I write children's books, saw these images and said, "Those aren't for children, are they?"

I said, "No, they are not." She replied, "They better not be, not with those covers." 


I love these covers. They are spooky and sexy, and they convey a sense of darkness and mystery, just like the stories. Trust your first impressions on these. Give yourself a thrill! Learn more by clicking the images below.


Spook 4 is here!

The endgame is near.

Spook 4 answers the mysteries of the series with a very satisfying conclusion. And just look at that cover!


The Spook Series would make a great set of movies or streaming series. Click here to watch the cinematic trailers!


The Jungle Hunters

Think Indianna Jones meets Star Wars meets Dungeons & Dragons! These are adventure stories, probably best for second and third graders. Join the Jungle Hunters on their fantastic adventures as they explore our world and beyond. 

Carrots the Rabbit

These magical books have both beautiful stories and equally beautiful artwork. They are real crowd-pleasers for both young children and their parents and teachers. Click to learn more.


The Almighty Maximillian

This is a children's thriller and fable. It is a morality tale, probably best for third graders. The story is thrilling and, of course, lavishly illustrated with stunning artwork. Check it out.

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