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The Spook Series


The Spook House

After seeing God and then the Devil, Jacob Abrams makes a decision: No more drugs. Fresh out of high school, Abrams decides to join the Army, thinking it would be a good new beginning. He's wrong. 

After some serious screw-ups, Abrams gets transferred to a base in the middle of nowhere where he is trained to do dangerous house-to-house searches. As a final exam, he and his team are ordered to sweep and clear what appears to be a stereotypical "haunted house.” Trapped inside, he realizes to his horror why he and these men were chosen for this mission – The Army expects no one to get out of this house alive.


Spook 2:
Further Testing

Cosmic forces and other entities encountered in The Spook House are not done yet. Not by far. 

They’re at it again.


Spook 3:
Darker Shades

First is was the Spook House. Then it was a haunted forest. Now it’s a ghost ship.

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