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A Natural Storyteller

I have always enjoyed storytelling and drawing, As a kid, I used to make my own animated home movies. My original goal was to work in the animation industry, and for a short time, I did at a company in San Francisco called Wild Brain. I felt like I was on my way to Pixar or some place like that, but I found animation to be rough industry to find regular employment in. 


With my computer art skills, I found work in print and Web advertising. I worked for different advertising agencies and in the Composing Room of the San Jose Mercury News.


I recall someone back then saying, “Print advertising is dying a slow and painful death.” It was true then and it’s true now. I now work in a totally unrelated business job, but I have never lost my love of art and storytelling.

My young son Alexander has been my inspiration for most of my children’s stories. He is my biggest fan, and sometimes, my critic. When Alexander was four years old, he said, "Daddy, tell me about your life" and I was surprised by just how many stories I had to tell, and how I could make childhood events seem hilarious. I also found I could instantly create new adventure or comedy stories for him on demand.

Alexander is full of energy and always has been. We enjoy walking, biking, swimming, and romping around, sometimes all in the same day. We like being active. I used to do Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which I had done for over twenty years, but I stopped after the COVID outbreak. I’m looking forward to doing that again someday.


My dream is to make writing and creating books my main job. Book marketing is the hardest part. I love interacting with my readers, or anyone else who likes reading. If you want to ask me a question or send me a message, check out my Contact page. I would love to hear from you!

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